Managed integration of applications is a success factor for companies. It enables safe and agile integration of a company’s business systems and mobile applications, SaaS services and external data sources that support its operation. API services provide cost benefits when modernising business systems or transforming them by implementing PaaS (Platform as a Service). Together with a message queue solution and/or microservices, API management facilitates, for example, the automation of business processes with the help of IoT data. A well-implemented integration collects real-time data from various sources to be used for purposes such as reporting.

We implement a flexible integration solution for your organisation by drawing on our decades-long expert experience and sparring attitude and by using modern technology and tools:

Api management, Cost estimation, training, support services, monitoring, PaaS, traditional operations

1. A visit to present available options

  • What the solution is about, use scenarios, added value
  • Structure of the management service, various configurations
  • Cost estimation, training, support services, monitoring
  • PaaS and traditional operations – how would the deployment be carried out

Api management, Security, data protection, access control

2. Service set-up – planning

  • Requirements for inter-application communication, future vision
  • Security, data protection, legislation applicable to the industry, licensing of the connecting systems
  • Capabilities, access control and connections of the connecting systems
  • Operations, use policies and adaptations of the communicating services

Api Management, Data connections, API definitions, data encryption, caching, data conversions

3. Deployment – implementation

  • Data connections, API definitions, data encryption, caching, data conversions
  • Use restrictions, access management, commercialisation of data flow
  • Asynchronous messaging (ESB), fault management, API logical layers from PaaS
  • Developer support, documentation and services, monitoring, automation
  • Training for main users

Api Management, Monitoring of integration processes, APIs, endpoints


4. Support, service continuity

  • Monitoring of integration processes and APIs (endpoints), operation of extensions
  • Experts for requirements related to incidents, development and consulting
  • Support can be extended to cover, for example, the operation of a runtime environment, data communication and data security (24/7)

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